Knowledger Consulting


Complex Product Marketing


Our Qualities

Appropriate Culture Code

Want native-English marketing services for your hi-tech business? We have deep knowledge, great research skills, and the language skills to create amazing content for your project. Don't leave your project's marketing or language tasks in the hands of amateurs. Trust Knowledger for professional solutions from start to finish.

Optimal Fundraising Advisory

Smart contract development, testing, and implementation; Token issuance, escrow services, funds collection, and asset distribution; Disclosure drafting: whitepaper, prospectus, charter, website, trackers listing, financial model, and equity story; Investor outreach and public relations; Trading analysis aftermarket support, liquidity solutions, and risk management; Capital structure advisory, remarketing, and secondary offerings.

Examples of Our Concepts

Let Knowledger help bring forth your thoughts and supply your business with a complete set of documentation including white papers, marketing content, product descriptions, and more.


Upgrade your Marketing Power

We'll give your business a fresh look, turn your existing portfolio into a knock-out pitch, and help you get a higher valuation.